Children’s Policy

To all of our clients: Recent events, have sparked the need for a Children’s Policy, within the salon. It is for your safety, the safety of others, as well as the courtesy of others, that makes this necessary. We do not want to upset anyone. We LOVE children. We are not banishing them from the salon, HOWEVER….From today forward, unless your child has an appointment, and is receiving a service at the salon, we ask that you try to make arrangements for them elsewhere. We also ask that they please not be in either the hair, or nail area. There are many chemicals, hot curling irons and tools, sharp shears, and lots of fun things children like to play on and potentially get injured on, or also damage the equipment, and its just not safe, period. For the client sitting next to you, this may very well be his/her only chance to relax, and have some alone time in a relaxing environment. If you have an appointment and are unable to find a sitter once in a while, we ask that they are accompanied by an adult OTHER than the parent receiving the service, as it makes our job harder, while applying color, polish etc. We would also like to ask the same for people bringing an entourage of friends, or family to their appointment. We have limited seating in the waiting area. When someone brings several people to hang out during an appointment, we then run out of seating for our clients. We apologize if this puts anyone in a tough position, but we do hope you can understand. We appreciate, and thank all of you!!

Thank you,

Hairspray Salon & Spa LLC